The network ASTRE
Established in 1992, the star professional network has now become the 1st European group of transport and logistics SMEs.
Avec plus de 300 implantations situées dans l’Union européenne, ce regroupement permet de mutualiser des échanges de fret et de savoir-faire, réalisant ainsi des économies d’échelles avantageuses pour tous les acteurs de la Supply Chain.

ASTRE is constantly developing a solid network of intelligent solutions in the fields of transport and logistics. The Group has a strong territorial base, great flexibility, as well as an excellent knowledge of users' needs. With these assets, ASTRE develops tailor-made, scalable and eco-responsible transport and logistics solutions.


The ASTRE Group offers reliable, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly transport solutions to all:

HQT (High Transport Quality) solutions allow efficient management of local, national and international flows.

Palet System: astre palet System is THE palletized transport solution offered by the astral network. With its 11 European hubs and its regional platforms of proximity, astre palet System guarantees every day the safety and traceability of your shipments, from the removal of your goods to their delivery.

Astre City is the eco-citizen urban distribution solution. Launched in the fall of 2010, it is a new concept: the D.I.P.S. (Intelligent, Clean and Silent Distribution).

Astre Chariot: the global solution for your heavy, voluminous parcels in on-board forklifts. Thanks to our network of 25 distributors and 250 on-board trolleys in France, Benelux and Switzerland, we specialize in the delivery of heavy, bulky and bulky products to individuals, professionals and construction sites.

Astre Loc: First network of independent industrial vehicle rental with driver, ASTRE LOC is the tailor-made solution, combining the strength of an international network and regional proximity. ASTRE LOC offers all the advantages of a clean park, in your colours, that frees you from the social and material constraints of transport, for a better optimisation of your know-how.

Astre Control Tower: Our centralized operating solution based primarily on own resources allows you to manage all your flows on a national and international scope.
Cette solution se distingue par un pilotage de flux intégré au service des clients et des Astriens.